Who can use the food bank?

At Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank we serve Toronto’s vegetarians, vegans, and people who are trying to transition to a veg diet but aren’t able to because they rely on food banks to be able to feed themselves.

The purpose of our food bank is to help vegetarians who suffer due to the poor selection of veg-friendly foods at regular food banks.

“We want the food bank system to reflect the city’s diverse diets and needs, Food banks are in place because people are down on their luck. We don’t want them to have to compromise their health, or their ethics, when they are already in such a vulnerable position.” – Matt Noble, Executive Director

are we located?

270 Gerrard St. E. (North side of Gerrard, just West of Parliament).

*Note that this is not a permanent address and that we only “pop up” at this location once per month. Please email tovegfoodbank@gmail.com to register.

When are we open?

Contact TOvegfoodbank@gmail.com for more info.

What do I need to access the food bank?

Please arrive at least 1 hour prior to the food bank closing at 4pm to register or complete your review.

o   Identification (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, etc)

o   Proof of Address (OW, ODSP, utility bill, driver’s license, etc)

o   Proof of Household Income (paystub, OW, ODSP, EI, CPP, child tax benefit, child support, Trillium Benefit, GST, OSAP, bank statement(s), etc)

o   Proof of Expenses (lease, hydro, water, gas, tuition, mortgage, etc)

o   Client Agreement Form (signed by each family member). You will be given these forms at the food bank.

(Please bring current documents for each family member)

Is there anything else I can bring?

Please bring reusable grocery bags if you can.

Can I line up at the door?

In order to avoid a line-up outside of Yonge Street Mission and to serve our clients more effectively and with more dignity, we use a lottery system to determine the order of service for those present when the doors open at 12pm.

At NOON, we count the number of people present, put that many numbers in a box, and each person will draw a number from the box. So, THERE IS NO NEED TO ARRIVE PRIOR TO NOON OR LINE UP. Even if a person is the first to arrive, they will still be served according to the number they pick out of the box. In order to discourage a line-up, *anyone lining up at the door before noon will be denied a number in the lottery.*Those arriving AFTER noon will receive a number that corresponds to the order of your arrival.

There is no designated parking. Vehicles should turn North at Berkeley and Gerrard Sts., on to Berkeley St. Vehicles can stop along the curb, or pull up (over the curb) and park along the side of the building.

The front door is wheelchair accessible and the food bank is on the main floor near the entrance. There is easy access to an elevator with braille. And the washroom is wheelchair accessible, but assistance is needed with the door.